[] - players crash in my condo from workshop content?


players have found that they disconnect upon loading into my default/normal condo with 30 workshop items and 123 canvasses - most receiving the “outgoing reliable buffer overflow” error as ive asked what happened.

i have tried resetting my canvas/workshop caches and asking some testers to do the same, still resulting in the same error. i reinstalled the game, and find that people still cannot load in without getting the error

i think i can attribute this to the workshop content because with just the canvasses, most players were able to load into the condo without error, and when i loaded an art studio with 1 workshop item, several players were able to load in without getting the error.

ive been to other condos though, like one highrise with 50 +/- workshop items and i was able to load in, as are most players.
ive asked the owner too and theyve told me that they havent seen any players crash, with workshop items concerned at least
interestingly i saw that owner has a newer pc build so these errors could be on my end, but i dont know :<


i got a player that isnt crashing just now… most other times however they have. ill see wut happens

and another one… wut