[] Friend still can't see 80% of my condo stuff


I already posted this about a month ago and got no response.

When he joins, there’s almost nothing and he lags a LOT when walking around.
I have not found a fix for this and this makes my condo useless.


Does he meet the minimum requirements? Is his connection good? Do other people joining your Condo experience this?


His connection is fine and his PC is better than mine

I still haven’t tried with someone else but if I join his condo it’s completely fine, there’s no lag and I can see everything


I did some testing:
I asked another friend to join me and he has the same problem:
(Note: Lobby 1 Suite does not seem to have this problem)


I tried resetting the condo and throwing every item I had around and it looked like it “fixed” it

But I really don’t want to redo everything I did in that condo all over again.
It took nights for me to make that look nice




It’s honestly the first time I’ve heard of a bug like this and I wonder if your friends have a corrupt installation. Maybe try verifying the game cache?


Already tried reinstalling the game and changing to another Hard Drive
I don’t think their game is corrupt, since every other condo works fine for them