[] Weird Post Processing Effects

On any setting other than Low, Post Processing causes a weird smokey-shadow thing to happen on almost every surface, but it’s worse on light coloured objects.

That is Unreal’s way of generating real-time ambient occlusion, which hardly ever looks good in my opinion. We can either disable it or expose it as a graphics setting to players, though we should discuss that internally.


Wacky. If AO was separate, what effects would be left in Post Processing?

Color grading, brightness, contrast, sharpening, dof, global illumination, levels, min/max exposure just to name a few.

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Ooh neat. Having those separate too, at some point, would be awesome.

I think it would be a good idea to give users the ability to turn ambient occlusion off separately. Maybe under an “advanced” tab so users who don’t quite understand it all can just stick with more basic settings.

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