[] Global Chat issues

  1. Sometimes I won’t see the chat for a bit and then my game lags like crazy and 10 of the same thing that someone spammed explode into my chat
  2. I can’t send messages in chat while in game, but I can at the menu. In game I’ll type something in and hit enter and nothing will appear the chat will just close

I’ve only ever seen the chat box once. After that I’ve never been able to get it back and messages have never sent through the system. Now I can only hear the text chat, but I can’t see it, activate it, or send messages.

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-I also need a bigger chat box and that the messages longer appear,
and make the chatbx littl bit higher.

-Also Text bubbles over the head would be good.

-And filter the chat more, such a mess.

This is a support thread, please post in the suggestions.