[] Well this is not a bug but i don't no where to put it called SAM its a cheat


So there is a thing called SAM AKA Steam Achievements Manger and you probably no about it it makes it able to unlock all Achievement and i don’t no much on game and how its made but i have seen that you can make it lock so it can’t be modified so they cant unlock it and right now they can unlock them even if there not in yet they can unlock it so i just wanted to tell you



I would assume that this is out of Pixeltail’s control, since this tool appears to be used for Steam rather than the games.


could be but some game has a thing that protects achievements so it cant be manged only some so idk maybe



you hacks your achievements, minuets later you hear a knock at your door, you open it to find Mac standing there and Mac says “yeah no, stop doing that” and he walks over and takes your computer…


…and locks and unlocks all achievements himself, making it super obvious you cheated. “I am the one who knocks.”, puts on his Heisenmac hat and leaves again.


…but mac comes back again and refunds every micro-transaction in your house.


Mac - “sorry but your face is a micro-transaction.”

Mac takes your face

Mac - “There you have been refunded, we dont want any micro-transactions in here do we?”

Mac pats you on your shoulder and waves good bye walking away with your face in his hand


Then he relizes the house is a micro transaction and kicks you out and lives there


We have measures against this tool.
Using this tool before the release of the achievements will most likely get you banned.

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