[] Virus - The Silencer doesn't have a firerate limit

Out of curiosity, I hit the left-click macro on my mouse with various different weapons in Virus. Most of them are unremarkable, except for the Silencer. It doesn’t have a limit as to how many rounds can be fired per second. I set it to click 15 times per second, and sure enough, you can empty an entire magazine in practically no time at all.

The argument might be made that people just “shouldn’t macro in the first place”, but we can’t rely on an honor system to stop people from using exploits. Just look at the casino, for example.

I propose a sort of “upper limit” of how many rounds can be fired per second, so that even if someone were macroing, they would only be able to get off 7 or 8 shots per second instead of a full magazine at once. Most other modern FPS games do this, and I don’t see why we couldn’t integrate it into Virus as well.

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But, you know… how fast can it shoot?

it shoots as fast as a fast thing

The silencer does have a firerate limit, as do all weapons. It’s just really low (0.05).


isnt the silencer supposed to be two dual guns so that is why it is faster

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