[] Casino: Jetpack deactivates upon interacting with a Spin to Win wheel

Title. Also, it activates back once the wheel stops spinning. I hope I’m not reporting a “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” thing here.

Weren’t jetpacks disabled in the casino?

No. You need a jetpack to get to the high holler poker table.

Coming back to this post makes me want to violently jam my head into a small meathook.

My apologies.

When playing a Casino game, all your wearables are disabled. Usually for all of the other games, it shouldn’t matter, but for Spin 2 Win, this logic prevents the use of the Jetpack and other wearables while the wheel is spinning. So, it’s working as it should, but in the future we’ll probably make it so that it doesn’t do that for Spin 2 Win specifically.

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