[] A little typo megathread

Just a quick list of some typos I found in my screenshots folder while talking with NPCs / walking around the plaza. If anyone has any more to post that’d be swell to help out!

(I know there’s a few typos on the Lobby Plates but I don’t have a screenshot of that so just imagine a regular plate)

Jeff, Condo Realtor/Interdimensional Anomaly

Should say: “This house has exactly as many nails as you have Tuesdays left.”

Should say: “Did you know dogs can do parkour? It is called… barkour.”

Should say: “A society exists to serve its people, and I am the Earl of Realty.” (I see that pun of realty/reality)

Other NPCs

Should say: “IF THE BUILDING’S ON FIRE, WE’RE STILL OPEN!” (my favorite NPC)

Should say: “Might rent out a condo since I’m gonna be stuck here for a bit. Drop on in for a visit sometime?”

Should say: “Managed to miss the Skeleton Bus, now I gotta wait until the next Halloween to get home.”

Should say: “Wish they let me keep their cauldron; I was warm there at least.”

Should say: "Have you ever listened to Counting The Minutes by Malignant Thoughts? It’s got that sort of classical-dirt vibe you can really eat lunch to.

Condo Signs


Should say: “A huge penthouse on top the tallest skyscraper in the city. You’re on top of the world.” (missing punctuation)

Should say: “A modern Condo on your very own tropical island.” (same here)

Not really a typo but the text here kind of goes off the sign in a weird way so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

If I end up seeing more I’ll update the thread. This isn’t meant to trash on the devs or anything, I just wanna help spot anything they might have missed.


For any one fooled like i was for the highrise sign it’s talking about the puncuation at the end.

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