- Condo Roof 3.0!

So, now that Johanna took the time to give us the new sliding glass roof and a bunch of optimizations for the condo we all know and love, I figured I’d show off the new roof area I re-completed today!

This is the whole roof, access is from a loft area built in the condo!

Here’s the upper patio, and you can see some of the lower loft here too! The Glass roof slides right over with no clipping issues!

Lower loft Staircase leading to the roof patio!

Some more of the Lower Loft!

The new outdoor bar! This is basically replacing the nightclub I had before.

The new garden between the upper patio and outdoor bar! It has a custom TU logo fountain I built myself!

The new Upper roof patio! This place is pretty swell to hang out on, and it fits right under the glass roof when engaged!

Thanks @Johanna for making the condo even more creative!


I love the look of the garden! Great work.

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Very warm and cozy. Great job!