[] Unable to sit on the Corduroy and Wicker Ottomans



When I was messing around with the Corduroy and Wicker sectional sets a bit more, I realized that you also can’t sit on the Ottomans in either set, which the video plainly demonstrates. I guess this isn’t as clear cut since ottomans are sort of meant to be footrests but they’re all labelled under “Seats” so I dunno.
Also you can’t sit on the couch corners in either set as well but that would kinda look weird anyways, so that’s more understandable.


Uh what?


Ottomans aren’t supposed to have seats. They are tagged as seats to keep the set together on the store. I did fix the lack of seats on the corner one, though.


Neat. I really wasn’t sure if there were supposed to or not, since the ends didn’t have seats.
Thanks for fixing up the sectional sets.


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