[] Tower Unite forces computer to restart


I have no clue why, but if I play for a prolonged time on TU, it restarts my computer with no reason. This doesn’t happen with other games. I was able to complete Overdrill on PAYDAY 2, which requires an hour to do. Tower Unite restarts my computer if I leave it open for 45 minutes. It leaves no crash report that I can find. I’m guessing this could be a problem with the engine, but I’m not sure.


Well, all I know is that is very odd. I never had that issue before.


Do you mean a clean restart with shutdown screen or do you mean it just suddenly takes your computer back to booting?

If it’s the latter, my first guess would be an overheat issue. Monitor your temperatures next time you play TU. I wouldn’t call it a recommendation but I’ve got Speccy installed for that job.


If you haven’t already try and go into the event viewer and see if any administrative events or windows system logs has been made.

If you’re lucky they might contain some info on what exactly it was that caused TU to force your PC to restart.


it isn’t an overheat. An overheat would require me to manually turn my computer back on after it forces a hard shut down. TU restarts it automatically without me doing anything.


Did you overclocked your RAM recently?
If this is your issue maybe the problem is that your BIOS is not stable with your RAM frequencies, check CPU-Z to set the proper timmings to your RAM, if that doesn’t work, try to update your BIOS or lower your RAM frequency.