[] Playermodel Gameworld Bug

When playing ballrace after the 4.0.3 release, my playermodel switches between male and female after each level is finished. I haven’t tested this with other gameworlds yet.

edit: The skeleton model also doesn’t get saved when applied

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I will look into this. I was not experiencing this in testing.

Not sure if it’s related to this bug or not, but the Horizon Condos NPC does something similar. Every time you enter the store, there’s a different NPC behind the counter. It’s freaky. Only way I could reproduce it, is by walking in and looking at the NPC, leaving the store, look away from the store, and then look back at it and walk in. The NPC will be different every time.

@macdguy You may want to look into this. It’s actually kind of unsettling. Reminds of an SCP.

EDIT: If you talk to the NPC, wait a second or two and then back out, it will produce the same result.

EDIT2: Just checked every NPC in the Plaza and only Horizon Condos is affected.

Horizon Condo is designed to do that. Jeff has no stable reality.


lol. Ah, ok. Has he always done that and I just never noticed? Or is that something new?

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It’s always done that.

Huh. No idea how I never noticed that.

The third person camera when bowling does the same as you swing the ball as well.

Yeah, Ball Race and Bowling use the same player model system.

I have resolved this issue.


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