[] A lot of noticeable freezing in the Plaza

Ever since the update, running around the Plaza leads to freezing. That was somewhat the case previously (due to the way the game loads areas of the map, I think), but it’s worse now. It doesn’t go away once you load every area once or twice.


I noticed this and it made me loose my mind!

I second that. The game is completely unplayable right now.

yeah because its cold
jokes aside yeah its pretty bad and i even have started to lag, i never lagged a lot
before in lobbies. (except in condo’s like ashge’s condo but that makes sense)

I do not experience this at all. I also have the game on my SSD. Are you guys on HDDs?

I am.

One thing I noticed is that the game loads everything a lot faster after I moved the game to my SSD. I had a bit of freezing before, but now it runs next to flawlessly.

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not totally unplayable, you can still start up the games perfectly fine through the main menu instead of going to the plaza!


Some people stated that it also happens in Minigolf and Condos.

yeah idk i played minigolf fine today and I was in my condo no problem, hopefully they release a patch soon though the plaza freezing is crazy

This is being addressed in a client update I’m working on. You can track it here:

Link isn’t working for me. Just says I don’t have permission to view it.

Try this one: https://trello.com/c/bwXy8c4h/332-update-0401

Yeah, that one works.

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