[ ] The lantern (and waffle) are missing their bottom textures

This might actually be a problem with more items, but I’m not sure. Only noticed these two.

This is just how 3D modeling works. You’re not supposed to see the underside of these objects anyway, as they place face up no matter where you put them on a surface. The base of the tables, base of the fountain, base of every rootless tree, the bathtub, etc all have the same thing.

This isn’t how all 3D modeling works. It depends on the application of the model. Things like modeling for level design can have missing faces and sides because you know the player will never see them in normal gameplay, ex. The underside of a building. However these are furniture items in a game where you can put them anywhere and in any rotation, thus they need a bottom side like pretty much every other item in the game used as furniture.


I’d say that in a game about, among other things, freely placing down objects, one is supposed to see the underside of their items from time to time.


Sorry, should’ve phrased it better. My post was more meant as a “That’s the way it is because…” and not a “That’s the way it is and it’s staying that way” I completely agree that you should be able to flip the waffles around.


It was most likely an oversight and we’ll look into it.


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