[] Cannot load any handheld item (including Copycat Tool)


For a few months now, I am unable to load any handheld weapon (confettis gun, fishing rod, bubble gun, metal detector, ect…)

I have tried re-equipping them or pressing the digit of the selected slot the weapon is equiped in, but in vain.

Those are my settings I’m playing with :

It’s becoming a main problem now, since the condo building tools are being developed.


I’ve consolidated your inventory, try rebooting the game and seeing if this helped in anyway.


Thanks for the quick respond.

The inventory consolidation considerably made my condo load quicker !

But… eventually, I found out it wasn’t the source of the issue…

Actually, it’s way dumber than that…
I checked the controls settings, and saw the weapon slots assignated keys.

I thought 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 were the keys above “qwertyuiop”…
I found out they were actually the digits from the numpad, on the right of my keyboard…

Because pressing the numpad doesn’t even select the inventory slot even though it’s assigned, it confused me.

After re-assigning them to the other digits, I was able to select the weapons and load them perfectly fine.


Ah, well, glad that the issue was taken care of.


dude where the heck are you? is that your condo?


Oh god dont tell me he is trying to recreate the plaza


I believe that’s the area in front of the pianta statue in Super Mario Sunshine. Ashge was working on a recreation of the hub area, if I recall correctly.


Isle Delphinoooooo


Im more interested in how the hell he has 10 million units.
Seriously how long must someone have played to gain that much money?


win the slots, several times.


Btw your inventory gets duplicated so when that happens you cannot equip anything regardless of your hotkey setup. I suggest dragging it item in slot #4 out of the slot then back into slot #3 or of your choice and it should let you use all your items normally.


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