[] Linuxbeta - Plaza graphics and ocean


Latest update created two somewhat disturbing issues.

The ocean now looks grey and horrible on any graphical setting, we had issues before but we could use potato quality and it looked reasonably like water, but now it’s all grey and horrible.

There’s also now huge graphical spikes located around Poseidon, It only appeared for the first time in this update and appears / disappears as you look around, doesn’t look like it comes from a specific item so I can’t tell what makes it do;

In fact found out why, the whole ocean floor is offset really deep down, kind of hard to get an angle, but it just ends;


That’s scary shit right there



Yep, this still happens, even on 3.8.1. Also the ocean in the condo appears to use a stone texture for some reason.


Yeah, this is a known issue because the ocean shader that we use, funally enough both of the recent ocean shaders, don’t yet have OpenGL support. At this time, you could use the Potato quality ocean to at least get something that resembles water, but this would get fixed closer to the actual release of the Linux Client.