[] Weird mesh covering textures

Certain textures seem to be covered in a weird square “mesh”. Using temporal AA fixes it, but it brings a lot of other graphical issues related to it being… well, temporal AA. Here’s an example taken in my condo.

Another example, taken while playing Virus (while using FXAA). Notice the hand, the sign, the tiles.

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What you are looking at is AO being blended with anti-aliasing.

Temporal AA is not something we developed. It is part of Unreal 4. Any graphical glitches with it will have to be fixed by upgrading the engine (maybe there is a fix for this issue). However, this could just be a limitation of their graphics implementation.


I’ve been wondering about this myself for a while.
Thanks for the explanation!

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Sorry for responding this late. I didn’t notice your response.
Anyway, if I might ask, how comes the mesh stays even if one disables the AA? And is it somehow fixable?

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