[] Multi-Bug Report

Okay, so I’ve stumbled upon 2 bugs throughout my last play session, and I’m here to report it.

  1. As I join into the lobby (and sometimes my condo but mainly the lobby), all of my items are unequipped and I have to re-equip them.
    This is what I look like when I join:

    And this is what I’m supposed to look like:
    So yeah, this happened to me numerous times whenever I go in and out of the lobby and my condo.

  2. Occasionally, when I’m on the home menu and want to enter my condo, absolutely nothing shows up besides the default condo:

    Because of this, I have to manually go into the lobby, into the tower, and and access my condos from there.
    This is what I should be seeing when I try to access my condos from the main menu:

So that’s all I’ve seen for now but if I find anything else I’ll be sure to report it.

these have been reported before

Yep, this is all part of the same bug with the steam inventory. Should hopefully be fixed in the next update.



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