[] Game freezes (sometimes crashes) when tabbed out

When I ALT+TAB out of the game for a medium period of time, the game will freeze and be unrecoverable. Task manager then fails to respond as well and I always have to restart my computer. I am on Windows 7 right now.

Have you tried using Borderless Windowed mode, available in the Graphics settings?

This is the mode I have it in.

Still happening, it just happened again while I was posting something. Now I have to restart my computer.

I honestly cannot reproduce this. How long do you alt-tab out for, and what are you doing in the game right before you tab out?

So it never happens in the menu, but in the lobby or any game world it will usually happen. Sometimes I’m tabbed out for a while, but usually less than a minute. It goes completely unresponsive, and the game doesn’t even get greyed out normally. When I try to open task manager, that crashes too!

I’ve had it again about three or four more times yesterday and once just now. I like this game, but I just can’t play it if I can never fix this problem.

This does not seem to be an issue with the game. Do you have a lot of applications running in the background? Have you tried setting the frame limit in graphics settings? And worse case: have you tried reinstalling?

I do not have many applications running in the background and I have tried setting the frame limit, the problem still persists to today.

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