[] Graphical Darkness Carryover Thing

I’m not sure how to title this. Basically, certain aspects of previous frames seem to carry over when I look in certain directions. This could be a problem on my end, but I’m not certain so here’s a report. Also, I feel like I’ve seen this before but I can’t find any reports of it.

Here’s a clear example of what I’m talking about. I’m looking at the wood floor, but you can see the darker parts of where I’ve previously looked still on screen.

If you look at about the lower center of the first image, you can clearly see the dark parts of the plant in the image. The second image, taken after but at a slightly different angle, does not have the aforementioned dark parts.

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Are your drivers up to date?

I have this problem, but only with the weapon I’m holding on certain surfaces (like the large coffee table) in first person.

Yes, my drivers are currently up to date.

I’ve got a lot of those visual artefacts on the Subway, Virus map.
I was easily noticeable on playermodels, walls but especially on entrance gates like you can see.

Uploading a video in a better quality,give me just 20mn
If you need even more visual exemples, I can provide it.

Okay so this is due to how screen space reflections work in Unreal. This has been an issue since Tower Unite started.

There’s a few thing we can do to reduce the ghosting, but we cannot completely eliminate them.

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