[0.2.0.X] Little Crusaders controls are set as NONE by default

I’ve met somes people complaining about what to do as dragon and why they can’t taunt as knight, and i found that their controls were not set by default, like in GMT, it was Right click for taunt/roar, R for tail swipe, and left click to hit the button/bite.

Can you set those by default instead of none of them assigned ?

Mine were fine by default, though that may have been because I was in the beta (maybe the keybindings carried over for some reason?). That said, I also had this problem where the Virus reload bind was set incorrectly.

The beta did not have the bindings, so beta players are not any different. I am not sure why the bindings are not set by default because they work just like every other binding in the game. I can look into doing a quick fix for next update.

I personally deleted my input ini file when testing and the bindings worked fine, maybe it’s an ini file corruption.

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