[] Mouse offset bug

This one is extremely annoying, here is what I am using (as per requested by @macdguy from another post )

I am running Full Screen at 1920x1080.

The issue is everywhere, if its a button, you need to move your mouse like 1/4 to a 1/2 inch lower to hover over it, and be able to click on it. This is a big issue for multiple reasons, such as not being able to join game popups in time if you arent aware of the issue, to not being able to close the game from the main menu since its near the bottom of the screen, to being verrrry careful while changing graphical settings in the drop down.

Whats even weirder is if I use screenshot software to capture my mouse, it says its completely accurate.

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So after the update, I have a hotfix for the issue that worked for me, if you switch to borderless fullscreen, apply, then go back to fullscreen and apply, it works like normal.

If it helps, I told Windows (10) to hide taskbar in Desktop mode as well, not sure if this is important or not.

Edit: Its when you toggle “Automatically Hide Taskbar in Desktop mode” on that it fixes itself, no game restart required.

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