[] Crashing on joining plaza after server rest.

I was playing gingerbread smash in a plaza server when suddenly the server went down for routine maintenance. Upon attempting to rejoin another server it has since been constantly crashing to desktop when I try to join any plaza. Condos and other servers seem unaffected.

This includes after having restarted my game, pc, and steam several times.

Steps to Reproduce

Unsure about ability to reproduce but:

  1. Playing a plaza minigame, most ideally gingerbread smash but maybe applies to others.
  2. Have the server shut down during gameplay
  3. Attempt to rejoin a plaza server.

What I expected to happen

For me to be able to join other servers with no issue.

What happened

It makes the plaza completely inaccessible to me.

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I have the same problem too. Every time I’m joining a plaza server, It got me auto-kick for no reason thanks to the amount of lags I’m in one of the server(s) or loading times when I’m trying to join.