[] Connections Not Working

When I join condos, items that are linked together don’t always work correctly. Mainly I’m noticing it with TVs that are linked to show the same video when one is turned on.

Still can’t get TVs to link together and work.

General connection issue with TU coding. This also applies to the new MIDI Maestro/Instrument connetions.

Basically, you have to be IN the condo when the host links the stuff together.

So in other words… Linking TVs together is a complete waste of time at the moment. Because I linked the TVs together and only half work if any at all for me after I leave the condo and come back.

It’s currently broken, I’ll be looking into the cause and a fix after our break is over.

Linking items together is just not being properly setup for clients, but linking it on your end works and items will save their connections properly.

You can still setup your connections now, the fix will not require any rewiring.

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