[] Force workshop player model onto workshop furniture items

By opening and then closing the workshop item selector on a workshop furniture item then changing your player model, you can set the furniture item to a player model resulting in a t-posed model with textures incorrectly wrapped.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open workshop item’s properties
  2. Open workshop item model selection menu
  3. Close workshop item selection menu, but do not close workshop furniture item’s properties menu
  4. Open the escape menu and then the appearance menu
  5. Open the workshop player model selection menu and search for/set a workshop player model as your current active player model

When you back out, the workshop furniture item will be set to a player model.



All the standard furniture editing tools work as normal.
The workshop physics item behaves normally with collision acting as you would expect.
In order for the model to load, it seems that the model must already be loaded normally as a player model (either by the condo host or someone that joined before setting the model).