[] Unable to play Ultimate Cow Wheel

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As of the 2023 Halloween Update I am unable to play the best game in the arcade (Ultimate Cow Wheel)

Steps to Reproduce

Go to the arcade and play Ultimate Cow Wheel.

What I expected to happen

A rousing game of Ultimate Cow Wheel.

What happened

I was instantly kicked from the seat after tokens were collected, with the dreadful realization that a virtual bovine-themed arcade game has eaten my fake money.

Notes / Media

  • Tested on both US East 1 and US West 1.
  • Had plenty of time to make and upload a video, create an account on the forums, and draft this post, but was still too anti-social to ask other players to replicate.
  • On one attempt I was able to make the paddle move once by mashing space before I was kicked out.

Video of the bug:


This is now fixed in the next hot fix.

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