[] Toggle Module Performance loss

Heavy lag and bad condo optimization when using toggles and other io modules

Steps to Reproduce

Connect an inactive toggle module to a Logic AND gate, or a relay to all connected to counters. I’m not too sure what else causes it but I know for a fact the AND gates were causing extreme frame loss while not being fired.

What I expected to happen

The inactive io to not have a frame loss

What happened

Extreme frame loss for the entire condo

Notes / Media

Layout causing some heavy frame losses ^ there is not a relay loop that keeps them firing, its entirely inactive and sitting at around 35 fps.

Duplicating the counters and their logic lags server dramatically

getting rid of every toggle in my condo boosted the fps from 35 to 55


The toggle module itself isn’t the performance issue here, it’s the AND gate. I’ve got a fix for it in the next update.