[] RC camera bug

after using RC golf ball/ RC orb in Plaza or someones condo bugs players camera after leaving the RC.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. go to plaza or someones condo
  2. Take RC golf ball or RC Orb
  3. use it
  4. leave pressing ‘‘CTRL’’

What I expected to happen

after leaving RC players camera works as usual in FPS

What happened

The issue is that camera is placed in the players head. to fix it use ‘‘K’’ to respawn or ‘‘T’’ to change from FPS to TPS

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In addition to what Skoleton said, im’ma say that the camera on the RC LC Dragon is always set on First Person instead of Third Person like if used to be.


This is now fixed in the next update.

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oh my god thank god, i hate that bug. lol i’m happy to hear that it gets fixed :slight_smile: