[] Mover Path causes game to freeze in certain circumstances

I was setting up a system that used Mover Paths to move along a path, and on each point stop for 5 seconds and move on. On the last point, I added stop to the Mover Path and then after 5 seconds to have it resume. Stupidly, I didn’t realize in the moment but that does not make any sense, how is it going to execute the next command if it is stopped?

With this I have discovered that in some cases where you use resume and stop, it will cause the game to hang.

Steps to Reproduce

1.) Place down Mover Path
2.) In connections, OnStart, make the Mover Path Resume
3.) OnEnd, make the Mover Path Stop

What I expected to happen

Stop the Mover Path

What happened

This causes the entire game to hang, typically without any crash at all.

Notes / Media

This is a problem with all I/O that has been fixed before, but many people did not like the alternative, see here:

You are making an instant recursive I/O loop (probably with Start -> Resume specifically). If for some reason you require this connection, try setting both the connections to have 0.01 second delay and it will probably help tremendously.

The issue is the game indefinitely freezes. I can no longer access a condo due to this bug.

EDIT: the game freezes when trying to load condo, even if movers are paused.