[] Dragon's Treasure wheel spin can be triggered twice consecutively

In Dragon’s Treasure, after lighting all 6 gems and triggering the Wheel of Treasure, if a dropped coin is positioned over one of the gems just as the Wheel spin ends, the Wheel of Treasure will immediately spin again.

Steps to Reproduce:
Light up the 6 gems to activate the Wheel of Treasure. As the Wheel is finishing its spin, drop coins over the gems as if you were going to immediately relight the gem.
The behavior seems very consistent. (90+% success rate; any failures may well be due to latency alone.)

Expected Behavior:
The gem underneath the coin should light up, and nothing otherwise special should occur.

What Happened:
The gem underneath the coin lit up, and the Wheel of Treasure spun once again.

The other gems are properly extinguished after each Wheel spin. I wasn’t able to activate the Wheel of Treasure three times in a row, and I believe a hypothetical third Wheel spin would require lighting up all gems once again, anyway, which would be perfectly normal behavior.

At the time I’m writing this post, the highest score I’ve gotten is 3585. In the name of, um, reproduction testing. <.<

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That’s not a bug, its a feature.