[] Can't Select Mover Train Spline

I have a mover train with a bunch of splines on it. One single spline on the entire thing cannot be interacted with no matter what position I get into. Splines don’t appear in item finder so I don’t think there’s any other way to select it.

Steps to Reproduce

Unsure. I just made a mover train with splines everywhere and one of them become impossible to select. The one that I can’t pick was rotated somewhat funny, so maybe that’s why.

What I expected to happen

To be able to select the spline like I can with the others.

What happened

I can’t select it.

I was able to remove the bugged spline using the edit spline menu, but I had to just delete points until it got the right one instead of selecting it. A useful feature and also a workaround would be to have the “edit spline” section allow us to click like “next spline, previous spline” etc. and cycle through them on there.

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This also happens if you hit add spline point and it goes into an invisible wall.

Another issue is that any time you add a new point, it resets the rotation orientation of all previous points.

Also getting crashes from adding splines sometimes.

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What I think would really help is showing every spline point on a list so you can change them there.

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yeah that would be great, just like how the item finder is good for selecting hard to reach items.