[] Readable Books "on reading" connection not functional?

Essentially the “on reading” connection I/O for the readable books seems to not do anything in particular. The stopped reading works just fine, however

Steps to Reproduce

You can easily reproduce this by simply adding any connection to the “on reading” event.

What I expected to happen

To have a working connection.

What happened

Nothing. (lol)

Screenshots / Notes


It would be really great to have this bug addressed prior to the cut-off date for the Halloween condo contest! :slight_smile:


I have an event set up so once a book is opened, it plays a sound and that is working just fine.

Not saying there isn’t a problem here, but the issue doesn’t seem to just be that “on reading” doesn’t do anything at all.

No way! :open_mouth:
I’ve tested this across two of my condos, playing sound, firing relays, and still nothing. Bizarre.

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