[] Huge frame rate hit when viewing a long media player playlist

Summary of bug here

Pressing Q to view the Media Player UI on a media player with a long playlist (more than 50 entries in my case) has a significant performance impact, causing a sudden frame rate drop of approximately 30-40fps.

Steps to Reproduce

Create a long playlist on a media player, then repeatedly display the Media Player UI. Observe the performance impact.

What I expected to happen

Stable framerate

What happened

Significant performance impact

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!

I would document this using OBS, but OBS contributes to the performance impact in doing so.

Stable framerate of 60-70fps even in a busy scene

Framerate dip immediately when opening the Media Player UI

For reference my specs are:-

  • i5 4690k @ 3.50ghz
  • RTX 3060 12gb
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