[] Overly fine, sluggish camera zoom in Minigolf

The latest version is []

When you’re in the midst of a game, the camera zoom via scroll wheel is extremely slow.
It seems to be normal when you’ve finished the hole and are spectating people.

Steps to Reproduce

Play minigolf and adjust the camera with your scroll wheel while you’re in the midst of a hole.

What I expected to happen

Ability to fully zoom in or out with about 1-2 scrolls.

What happened

Extremely sluggish, tiny movements that take excessive scrolling to zoom all the way in and out.

Notes / Media

Here I am spectating. You can see it only takes about 2 flicks to go in and out.

Here’s it while playing. These are fairly long scrolls too. Sometimes takes 7.

Update: found that it’s exponentially worse with the golf ball milestone.