[] Hit Target Volume's metal blood type is invisible

The Hit Target Volume’s metal blood type option doesn’t produce any visible decals when hit.

Notes / Media

I was under the impression that the metal blood type intentionally doesn’t produce any decals, as it’s for shooting objects.

When set to metal, the gun produces the spark effect you see when shooting a normal object.
When set to the blood types, it only produces the blood effect (and not the spark effect), and when set to none, it only produces the :boom:-shaped hit effects and damage notes.

Oh, I somehow didn’t notice that. The name of the setting is kinda confusing though in that case, probably should be renamed to Hit Effect or something if half the Blood Type options aren’t actually blood.

Yeah that makes sense why it’s confusing. Surface FX is what you’re looking for. I need to add surface FX to canvas materials as well.

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