[] Some canvas bugs from older builds

A lot of my builds are giving me trouble after recent updates, and I’m unsure if I should take time to fix them all or wait for a patch.

A few issues:

The wood texture I used for a lot of this condo has either been removed or renamed, and now a lot of what I’ve done looks like this.

Same with whatever carpet texture I used for these curtains.

Almost every canvas texture is now far too large even at texture scale 1.0
Here is a before and after comparison:

The lines on these canvas tubes are now way too obvious. Also, they no longer align.


I’m not sure what the wood texture was, but you’ll have to update it to one of the newer wood textures.

Texture scales were normalized in the update, meaning a lot of textures were originally wrongly scaled and now they are not, leading to some minor regressions unfortunately.

The canvas tube issue is weird, though. We didn’t change the geometry on the canvas tubes in the material update.

This post has made me go back through my stuff. I’m looking through old builds and I’m seeing sloppy edges & corners, and other weird texture nonsense made from tubes that I know I wouldn’t have settled with.

The Canvas Cylinder had an uneven amount of faces, but that got fixed around the time Canvas Hemispheres were added.
What you’re seeing now are the edges where you had to compensate for the original issue.

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