[] SDNL - Cannot choose game modes other than Arena

Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

Joined a multiplayer game with 5-7 people
Server owner could see the different game modes and choose one, but all other players could only see arena. The launch patch has been applied as well as the hotfix.
When game starts, it always goes into Arena mode. We had chosen Gun Game on two occasions and both times it loaded into Arena.

What I expected to happen

The game mode chosen would be reflected on other player’s screens and loaded in. For example, if Gun Game is chosen, it would load into Gun Game.

What happened

Game would always load into Arena mode, regardless of the game mode selected.

Notes / Media

Troubleshooting steps tried:

  • different hosts (tried with 3 separate game hosts)
  • public vs friends only lobby
  • relaunch Tower Unite
  • verify integrity of game files in Steam
  • close Steam and reload Steam
  • fully re-install Tower Unite

None of these steps have worked so far. The game always still loads into Arena regardless of who is hosting and which game mode the host selects.

This is fixed in the hot fix which should be out in a couple hours or less.

Thank you so much!