[] Partycon 2S and S3D visual bugs. Controller sending to random location

Titling, closing, or switching off of the device leaves a ghost version floating near your player that sometimes detaches.

As for the controller. It will send the non-host until what I assume is to the 0 point of the map.

Steps to Reproduce

Partycons: use the tilt keys, swap to another item with it in hand, or close out of the handheld

Controller: Non-host connects to the console using the wireless controller

What I expected to happen

Partycons: behave like normal, no ghosting or lingering model artifacts

Controller: to function as normal

What happened

Tried to play with the partycon handhelds

Tried to play an NES game using the wireless controller

Notes / Media

I have video of the controller problem but mp4s are not allowed.

This is now fixed in the next update.