[] Flycast/ Flycast Naomi Libretro Crashes

The Flycast cores seem to be pretty unstable in client games (or condos?) that have been online for a while, but work perfectly fine if you only just loaded up your game. Its really random when the crashes happen and I can’t quite pinpoint the exact source.

Steps to Reproduce

Find some games to run on Flycast/ Flycast Naomi that are smooth and stable. You should be able to play them without any issues. Put them on some machines.

Now to recreate this issue I’m not certain, but it seems like the crashes happen after the condo has been online for long periods of time (a day or more).

What I expected to happen

For stability and performance to remain the same, despite how long Tower Unite has been running (assuming that it hasn’t exceeded your PC’s memory limitations in that time) and to be able to play these games without issues.

What happened

The game crashes.

The Flycast crash no longer requires you to play for a while, and instead can happen with many games as soon as you exit the cabinet. Have tested it with Crazy Taxi and Hydro Thunder both on Flycast. The game will run perfectly smooth, but when I get off the machine and stop playing - crash.

I’d try clearing your saves/save state folders (or just temporarily rename them) to see if it crashes still. If so, it could be the act of saving state is causing the crash on exit, which is unfortunate but something I can look into.

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I removed the entire saves folder but got the same issue. I tried loading up Hydro Thunder on Flycast. Game played fine, but as soon as I turned the machine off it crashed. Tested again with a couple of my other Dreamcast games (Crazy Taxi, Powerstone) and it crashed as soon as I turned off the machine as well.

I don’t think this is effecting people who join my condo, but only me as the host.

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