[] Auto Savestates Causing Crashes

On games that normally work fine, the savestates can eventually start crashing them. I’m guessing they’re being corrupted somehow or automatically saving at a moment that causes instability.

Steps to Reproduce

This seems to only happen with specific games, which will make this harder to reproduce.
One game that I can reliably re-create this issue on is “Outrunners” on arcade, but I know there are others out there that this happens with.

Load up the rom on any machine. Play the game. Should work fine. If using Outrunners, It’ll automatically be in 2-screen mode, but that’s normal.
It might work for the rest of your session. It might even work for days.

What I expected to happen

For the game to play fine, as it does initially.

What happened

Randomly at some point, the game begins causing a crash upon trying to load it. Deleting the save state file causes it to stop crashing. From here, the game will work fine again until eventually crashing and needing to delete the save state file again.

I’ve had this happen with a few other games, but this one made it the easiest to re-create.
If you need a copy of my corrupted savestates for any reason, let me know.

Suggestion: While this might not be a fix, a workaround would be letting us disable the automatic savestates. Perhaps even on specific games or machines.