[] Waist items not positioned properly

I’ve been trying to alter the waist items in the editor for models. However, they are not reflected in-game. Waist items simply remain at their default value.
I have found that if you swim with a pool tube, then jump back out of the water, the tube briefly reflects what I had set in the editor, before jumping back to the default values again.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Use a model that has the waist metadata not set to it’s default value.
  • Play the game with the model, note how the waist item has not reflected the non-default values set.
  • Jump into a body of water, then jump back out onto land. You will briefly see the waist item reflect the non-default values before defaulting once again.

What I expected to happen

I expected the waist items to reflect what I had set in the editor.

What happened

The waist items stay at their default value. They also briefly jump back to custom values after leaving a body of water.

Notes / Media

Default Value

Custom Value