[] Returning From Plaza a Minigame Shrinks You

When returning from a Minigame that teleports you to an arena (ex. Chainsaw Deathmatch, Plane Wars, etc.) your player model will be shrunk.

Steps to Reproduce

Simply join a Plaza Minigame that teleports you to one of the arenas. When the game ends, the world will seem slightly larger than before. This also works by leaving the game early from the scoreboard.

What I expected to happen

To leave the minigame at the same size as I entered it.

What happened

I was shrunk down to what feels to be roughly the size of a Medium Potion.

Notes / Media

This only seems to affect default playermodels, as workshop models are automatically resized to whatever that model’s scale is. I have tested entering a minigame from all 3 ways (notification in the lower right corner of the screen, walking into one of the portals around the plaza, and walking into the portal in the Minigame area itself) and the bug happens regardless. Using a size-changing potion or killbinding seems to fix the change in size.

This image shows the bug in action, comparing the default skeleton model’s size to a shopkeeper. Both are normally roughly the same size, but here you can see I barely come up to her shoulder. Additionally, you can see I’m not under the effect of any size-changing potion.