[] A bunch of my NPCs can no longer be spoken to

Went to my Condo and found almost every NPC I had placed previously no longer have chat prompts, and can’t be spoken to.
Only 1 is an exception, but I can’t figure out why.
All their settings and dialogue seem to be the same.

Steps to Reproduce

Go to an old condo with NPCs in it and see if they can be spoken to

What I expected to happen

NPCs talk like normal and have chat prompts

What happened

The NPCs won’t talk, and there’s no chat prompts

Have you attempted to re-entering their “Enter” dialogue (copy-paste)?

Other details that could help:

  • Workshop models (maybe see if any resize themselves when worn)
  • Have they been scaled in any way? Unreal gets a little quirky when you unevenly scale primitives (Spheres and Capsules specifically), so that could be affecting it.
  • Are their collisions moving to 0,0,0 at the map for some reason? Use the Gizmo editor to locate that spot and see if any invisible interactions are lingering.

There was indeed a Safe at 0.0.0. I deleted it, reloaded, but NPCs still won’t work.
It can’t be any of the other issues, as I don’t use workshop and most of them are at default scale.

Nothing was changed with NPCs since last release and this release, so this is something that is within your condo.

I was able to load up a workshop condo from months ago and talk to an NPC.

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I’m just trying to find a fix, and since I didn’t make any other changes in my condo, I felt it was somewhat safe to assume it was related.
Sorry if the ‘Steps to Reproduce’ didn’t help you, I just wrote the steps that I took.

Is there any additional information I could provide you with that would help you to solve the issue I am having?

You could DM me your condo data file, that way I can load into it and see what’s going on.


Ahh sick, sounds good. thank you, I’ll send it over.

This might be related to the bug that items with their collision disabled can’t be interacted with.
It only happens when you disable collision on the item(s), leave the condo and then reload the condo.

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It could be relating to them having disabled collision, but reloading never fixed it.
It’s also been fine for months, only now having issues. Thank you tho, I’ll keep that in mind.

Unsure of the exact order in which things happened in your condo perhaps coincidence that it happened around the same time as the update (unless you have saved and loaded your condo a few times before the update to know) , but i have been able to fully reproduce the bug.


  1. place interactable item
    2)disable collision on item (with the balls; i found they needed to be set to simulate physics on spawn to see the effects, they would then fall through the ground into the void and eventually be placed back in your inventory on reloading the save)
  2. save condo and reload
  3. all items after reload that are interactable with collisions disabled lost their interaction prompt while before reload they were still present.

i know this isnt part of the post but since it was mentioned in your third bulletpoint and im unsure if its known how to reproduce.
reproducing the interactions moving to 0, 0, 0 is as follows:

  1. spawn safe
    2)add an empty connection to safe (OnOpened)
  2. save and reload

im not sure what other items this happens to

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