[] Billiards Media Display Doesn't Work as Intended

Media display in night club, specifically the billiards room (next to the 2 pool tables) doesn’t display the video and if it does it only display one frame of the video and update 1 frame of the video every once in a while. essentially the video isn’t playing in this room. (same thing happens to screen outside the billiards room depending on where you stand its in the streamable i link at the end of this post).

# Steps to Reproduce
Just play any video in the nightclub and look at the display in the billiards room. Also for the screen outside the billiards room the video will stop in certain spots of the nightclub.

## What I expected to happen
The video to play normally like it does on the main screen of the nightclub and the tv outside the billiards room.

## What happened
The issue the bug caused
The video just doesn’t play properly. The audio’s fine.

Notes / Media

It seems like the issue also could have something to do with where you are in the nightclub. Sometimes the video would play and other times it wouldn’t based on your position in the nightclub. The audio was working the whole time its just a matter of the screen not accurately playing the video. I’ll link a streamable of my findings.

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