[] Putting your camera in a Hurt Volume hurts you

Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

Go into Third Person, move your camera into a Hurt Volume

What I expected to happen

The Hurt Volume should only hurt the player character, not their camera.

What happened

The player can get killed by a hurt volume just by putting their camera inside.


This bug also happens with Push Volumes, Gravity Volumes, Size Volumes and Trigger Volumes
(not sure about the rest as no obvious effect is present)

Notes / Media


This bug gets at a huge flaw with the way triggers in general work (including auto open doors). The 3rd person camera has always set things off in Tower but now with I/O volumes it makes the condos more or less broken if you choose to play in 3rd person and if people use any volume at all.

Unreal is so weird with its overlap system. So the 3rd person camera has a collider that’s used for underwater detection and Unreal is also treating it as part of the character which is what is leading to this bug. I need to filter out the collider.


This would also fix the camera activating the Central Circuit neon sign effects


hopefully that’d get triggers being activated by the camera, too! (although i’m SURE it would)

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This is still occuring in

In addition to this, putting your camera in a Damage / Heal Volume or triggering the Spikeboard’s OnKill output will also cause any connected Counter Modules to increment by 2

Worth mentioning that this is not host specific/exclusive as it also activated by other players