[] "Total Worth" calculation in inventory menu is incorrect, increases after making purchases

If you purchase an item, the “total worth” listed in your inventory menu will increase by the cost you bought the item for, rather than stay the same. This applies for both purchases made in-game and through Tower Express.

Steps to Reproduce

Purchase an item with units.

What I expected to happen

Your inventory’s “total worth” remains the same (X units deducted during purchase, obtain item worth X units).

What happened

Your inventory’s “total worth” increases by the cost you bought the item for.

Isn’t it supposed to work like that? It’s the unit values of every item you own combined, including duplicates, so if you get any item it’ll add its value to the total worth.


That makes more sense, actually. I thought it was your total current amount of units + unit value of your inventory, rather than the unit value of just your inventory.