[] Entering my Condo Crashes Tower Unite

When I enter my original condo the one i’ve decorated and made a lot of decorating ever since the part 2 i/o update every time i enter the condo the game crashes instantly. I did mess with the i/o stuff when part 1 was released so its possible something that was in that update wasn’t finished and now its causing bugs but i’m not sure what to do or how to fix it.

I can enter all my other condos but not my main one.

Were you able to file a crash report? With a crash report we can more directly identify the cause of the problem.

In case you didn’t get the crash reporter window after crashing, it’s very likely that your graphics driver hung. In those situations I recommend to update your graphics drivers, or trying to get into your condo with the lowest quality settings you can manage in the graphics settings as a test.

I have submited a report. I can assure you its not anything to donwith my computer being able to run the game or a driver update. Also i can go into my other condos like the theature the only one thats having the issues is the one the orginal condo that i messed with when the part 1 i/o update cane out.

I am having trouble finding a crash report that corresponds to the Steam account mentioned in your forum profile. Did you send one more than two weeks ago, or is it on a separate Steam account?
It could me help if you trigger that crash again and send another crash report, and tell me here when you sent it so I can more easily narrow down your particular crash report.

Yes is it was longer than 2 weeks im strea.ing atm when im done ill do the crash again and send it again if needed

That would be great, thank you!

I sent it

Thanks! I see it now. It looks like you are the only person to have reported this exact crash.
I’ll look at it in more detail next week, but from what I can tell it seems like an infinite loop in Condo IO. Do you remember if you hooked up some inputs and outputs on items in a continuous chain?

At any rate, we will have to implement more safeguards against infinite loops.

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Yeah in the kitchen i set a button up to open the secret door to the to basement. It wasnt working in the part 1 patch for the door i was trying to connect it too so i went nuts lawl.

I added some precautionary measures to all items that need it to prevent infinite loops from occurring. This will ship with the next update. Please let us know if it helped!

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Wow I appreciate this. I hope it helps lawl.

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I just tried to join the condo bevause i noticed a update and sadly its still crashing. Just in case you need it i sent another crash report

The update in which @Madmijk fixed the issue hasn’t been released yet.

Oh thanks lawl im looking forward to it.

The update is out now. Does it work?

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Oh i meant to send something. The update fixed the issue. I can get into my condo and whatever i did before broke my door it made it tonwhere it opened and wont close but i can fix that ill probs have to delete it and replace it. Thank you soo much for working with me i always try to introduce people to Tower Unite cause its one of my favorite games.