[ Hotfix] Subscribed workshop condos that have been deleted off disk don't download

If you’re subscribed to a workshop condo but deleted the condo files off disk, the in-game workshop menu will prompt you to download the condo but won’t actually download the file. You need to unsubscribe from the item first to download it properly.

Steps to Reproduce

After subscribing to a workshop condo, with the game closed, delete the appropriate folder (or its contents) from “[directory]\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\394690”. Then, launch the game and navigate to your workshop condo subscriptions.

What I expected to happen

The game prompts you to download the condo, and upon clicking download, the condo downloads.

What happened

The download button appears, but clicking the download button does nothing. Additionally, clicking on the condo info in-game doesn’t give an option to uninstall/unsubscribe, forcing you to navigate to the condo in the Steam browser and unsubscribe manually.