[] Connection Tool should scroll through outputs before connecting to another item

Frankly I don’t know if this is technically a bug, an oversight, a planned feature, or intended behavior. But I figure it would be a lot more helpful if, when you haven’t yet selected an object to connect from, that it scrolls through Output options instead of Input options.

Here’s what I mean:

Here I’m aiming at a Toggle module. It has two outputs, On and Off. If I click it to start a connection, then click some other item, it will connect to the Toggle module’s On output no matter what.

This means I’m always forced to go into the module’s connections and re-order things.

Before clicking the Toggle module to start a connection, I can only scroll through the possible inputs, which is senseless when you haven’t yet selected an item to connect from, as connections are always made in the order of an object’s output to an object’s input.

It’d be very nice if we could scroll through the possible outputs, choose to make a connection from one of them first, and then scroll through the inputs of other items that we might want to connect to.

(It certainly would have saved me a lot of time here! :yum: )

I’ve moved this to suggestions, and I agree there’s something here we can do.