[] Vault Door is not outputting IO

I rigged a vault door to a spinning security light. When the door is open, the lgiht turns on. When closed it turns off.

Except I’m not seeing it working.

Steps to Reproduce

Spawn a vault door. Connect the door to a light, with the commands “OnOpened, Turn On to the light.”
“OnClosed, Turn Off to the light.”

What I expected to happen

The light to turn on when issued a “OnOpened” call from the Vault door

What happened

The door opened and the light did nnot turn on despite being hooked up properly.

Notes / Media

Other misc notes about the bug. Picture or videos would be much appreciated!

I have hooked other doors up to lights just fine but the vault door in particular seems to not be outputting the OnOpened or OnClosed signal.
When I tell a button to open close or toggle the Vault door, it responds but not when the vault door is the initiator.

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